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Communicate & Captivate Coaching Program

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This program was designed to help those who may be struggling with a lack of confidence, feelings of self-doubt, and a lack of focus or motivation. We will work on time management skills, organizational skills, as well as overcoming writer's block and the fear of public speaking.

I will help you prioritize what's truly important and discover God's will and plan for your life. This coaching program is for you if you desire to truly walk out your purpose, heal, and overcome any trauma from your past. 

I will also be teaching you the following skills:

  • How to write a book and How to start a successful Blog
  • How to create and design content for YouTube & Instagram
  • How to Grow Your Social Media Presence & Audience

When You Pay in FULL Upfront, you will also gain access to:

  • BONUS: The Write, Publish, Sell Masterclass
  • BONUS: Blogging 101 Course
  • The Purpose Formula Spreadsheet
  • Karolyne's Clarity Calendar
  • ... and more!